Compact air coolers

Equipment for space cooling of the air in the room with non-insulated maturation tanks, bright cider tanks or cider kegs.

Compact liquid coolers

Compact water or glycol coolers units with integrated condenser for cooling of the many devices in cider production lines.

Split liquid coolers

Split water or glycol cooling units with separated condenser for cooling of the many devices in cider production lines.

Compact flow-through cider coolers

Compact coolers for cooling draught cider before its serving into glasses.

Compact flow-through water coolers

Compact coolers for direct flow-through cooling of water before its use for the other cooling process.

Cooling media storage tanks

Industrial tanks to preparation and storage of cooling water/glycol with integrated cooling spiral or external heat exchanger and pumps.

Plate heat exchangers

Plate heat exchangers for the cooling of media in the secondary circuit.

Cooling measure and control systems

Temperature measure and control systems for the cooling systems with tanks.

Accessories for the cooling system

Accessories and components for cooling systems and cooling equipment.

Cooling boxes for air coolers

Industrial cooling boxes for the placing of non-insulated tanks and storage of full cider kegs and bottles.

Liquid cooling media

Liquid media for the cooling systems with liquid cooling units.
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