Cooling systems

The cooling systems include equipment for cooling of tanks and other components to storage, fermentation, distribution of cider and yeast.

Heating systems

Heating machines intended to heating up the fruit juice before start of the fermentation process.

Measuring & Control systems

Systems serve to manual or automatic control of the temperatures in the tanks and control of other equipment.

Cleaning & sanitizing systems

Static and mobile CIP stations to cleaning, sanitizing, sterilization of the tanks, pipes, hoses and other equipment.

Beverage dispensing equipment

Equipment for dispensing of beverage into glasses, storage, cooling and transport beverage before its serving into glasses.

Compressed air system

Equipment for cleaning, drying, compressing and distribution of sterile compressed air to pneumatic valves, actuators and flotation of cider.

Nitrogen system

Equipment for production of sterile nitrogen from compressed air to pressurizing of tanks during filtration, dispenzing or transport of cider.

Carbondioxide system

Equipment for dosing, regulation and transport of carbondioxide to pressurizing of tanks during filtration, dispenzing or transport of cider.


Pumps for transport cider, water, sanitizing solutions, mash, for the extraction ingrediences into cider and other purposes.
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