Cider | Conditioning tanks

Special pressure tanks for the conditioning of cider. Conditioning tanks are used for the carbonization of cider, additional flavourization, filtration, filling cider beverages into bottles, kegs, cans.

Cider | Final flavorization

Equipment for extraction of aromatic active substances from solid ingrediences to finalized cold cider after finalizing the fermentation process.

Cider | Carbonization

Equipment for carbonization of cider in the pressure cider conditioning tanks or in the pipes under pressure using an external carbondioxide pressure cylinders.

Cider | Filtration equipment

Equipment for cider – plate filters, diatomaceous filters, cross-flow filters, microfilters. Mechanical reduction of yeast in cider.

Cider | Pasteurization equipment

Equipment for pasteurisation of cider. The pasteuriser is an integral part of the cider production process.