Carbonation stones

Optional accessory for cider production tanks. Its function is additional carbonation of cider inside the tank before bottling.

Manual gas valves

Manual gas valves and gas regulation valves for cider production tanks. They open the gas hoses to pressurizing of tanks.

Cleaning sprayballs

Optional accessory for cider production tanks. Its function is the cleaning and sanitizing inside surface of the tanks.

Pressure safety valves

Overpressure and underpressure safety valves for beverage production tanks.

Pressure adjusting

Pressure adjusting mechanism consists of the adjustable pressure valve , manometer and fermentation lock.

Fermentation apparats

Fermentation locks, fermentation apparats, relief valves for cider fermentation tanks. They serve to indication and regulation of the fermentation process.

Electric solenoid valves

Electric solenoid valves for cider production tanks. They open the cooling media pipes to cool tanks.

Electric motor valves

Electric motor valves for cider production tanks. They open the cooling media pipes to cool tanks.

Manual valves and cocks

Ball valves, disc valves, butterfly flaps with the manual control for cider production tanks.

Sample valves

Sampling valves and cocks for getting of cider samples from tanks (for tasting or chemical analysis).

John Guest System

John Guest is the leading manufacturer of push-fit fittings, including pipe fittings and valves for easy commercial plumbing and drinking systems.

Weld-on fittings

Fittings and parts additionally welded on tank. Its function is connection between tank and other functional accessories or equipment.

Temperature control

Digital controllers and thermosensors for measuring, planning and control of temperatures inside the tanks.

Adjustable feet

Adjustable feet for cider production tanks. They ensure the mechanical stability of the tanks.

Filling level indicators

Filling level indicators for cider production tanks. They serve to indication and measure the cider level inside the tanks.

Ladders for tanks

Ladders for easy operating with manholes and other upper accessories of the cider production tanks.

Modular tank components

Composites for modular CCT cylindrical-conical tanks. Change a configuration of your fermenter as you need.

Tank customizations

Special customizations of cider production tanks according to the customer requirements.

Racking arms

Special valves for draining of pure beverage above level of yeast from the cider production tanks.

Manholes and lids

Stainless steel manholes and lids for cider production tanks.

Stirring equipment

Equipment to stirring content of the cider tanks

Product handling armatures

Armatures for operators to easy manipulation with cider or beverages in hoses and pipes between tanks.

Food grade hoses

Food grade, heat-resistant, pressure hoses for connecting between press, fermentation tanks and other cider production equipment.

Pipe reductions

Screwed elements for reduction between different types of diameters of pipes.

Pipe Y-filters

Screwed pipe Y-filters for filtering mechanical parts from medium in tubes.

Pipe sealing caps

Screwed elements for sealing and termination of pipes.

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