Plate heat exchangers

Plate heat exchangers for cooling of hot wort before start the beer fermentation process. We include these plate heat exchangers into our compact wort cooling systems and we offer them also separately.

Wort aeration candles

The saturation of cold wort with sterilized air or oxygen is usually carried out before or during the beer fermentation process. The aeration candle is equiment for aeration of wort in the pipes before pumping wort into fermenters.

Compact beer coolers and aerators

Compact systems for cooling and aeration of wort . The compact unit includes the plate heat exchanger for cooling of hot wort to the beer fermentation temperature. Wort is saturated too by pure air or oxygen to easy start of the yeast activity during the beer fermentation.

Modulo wort cooling system

Mobile independent compact equipment for wort aeration, wort cooling and recovery of heat water obtained from waste heat in cooling the wort.

Tanks for cooling water

Industrial tanks to preparation and storage of cooling water (usually with glycol) with integrated cooling spiral or external heat exchanger and pumps.

Split liquid cooling units

Water (glycol) coolers consists of two parts: outdoor (condenser) and interior (evaporator). Very effective cooling of tanks and wort by only one chiller.